Friday, April 6, 2012

Of Moms and Massages

Let's do some life blogging.

 Last week was spring break and I knew I wanted to get away from CalArts for a few days, but I couldn't just go anywhere. I had gone insane with stress! There were too many things going on in my life for just any little journey to settle.

What I desperately needed...

...was some mommy time.

Like most moms, mine knows just how to heap praise onto me ridiculously high and make me feel better about everything that life makes me feel lame about. So I drove down to see her and my cat for comfort.

To help with the stress (but mostly the horrible back and shoulder pain that all animators get to deal with), my mom suggested I go get my
I am so proud to admit my masseuse was the silliest, happiest man ever. He was, and I don't exaggerate, essentially Kenneth from 30 Rock.

I wish he could be with me always.

Massages themselves, however, are kinda weird.

Afterward, though, I felt like a newborn noodle -- all greasy and wiggly and ready for a nap, but also ready to get back to school and take on the world. The best feeling!

Buuuut I couldn't leave until my mom prepared a bizarre vitamin cocktail in a ziplock bag, a sketchy result of her most recent health kick.

Thanks, Mom!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

let's get narcissistic

I should be working on my film but I decided to draw myself instead